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Written by Pedrol 7 hours ago
"How can a cooking show be this based?" Now, now, that's what we readers always ask ourselves about this manga in particular, right? It's incredible how enjoying a manga we presume it's bad can be. Our first reaction after recommending a cooking manga to a friend is always the same, we are read more
Written by daxlks 8 hours ago
I’m sure that many of us, during our formative years, imagined ourselves to be protectors of justice, heroes with superpowers or just simply do-gooders. We may have even had ambitions to become such heroes with the simple goal of helping people. Mitama Kamishiro is no different. As read more
Written by Kailey_Fox 9 hours ago
I know this manga was finished a while ago and it's also not too popular, but since there isn't a review yet, I thought I'd submit one. To start, I'd give the story a 9. I've never actually played the games (I really want to) and so I don't know if read more
Written by BlueHood 11 hours ago
This is my first review -.- (sorry if it sucks) The reason I really love the story to Shiro Ari is because it's different. (maybe even sentimental?) Its a mixture of two very famous fantasy stories. Alice in Wonderland and Snow White, and read more
Written by DrizzyXP Yesterday, 7:06 AM
So, you've got a crossover between the two most popular manga of all time: Dragon Ball and One Piece. Is it amazing? Nope. Is it great? Nope. Is it fun? Oh, you can bet your ass it is. Story [5/10]: You don't need to read Dragon Ball or One Piece to understand read more

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Both are more or less classic shoujo series with love triangles, relationship building, and dealing with circumstances at school. The main male protagonist connects with a main female character that brings out a variety of emotions between the two. Throughout their perspective stories, they experience various obstacles that can be commonly seen in a typical relationship. There are also other characters that gets involved that complicates their relationship as we find out more about their lives. Recommended for readers who are seeking a shoujo with complicated relationships.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 10 minutes ago report
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Both are about two young girls who have a strong and scary passion for something they like. In Glass Mask, maya loves acting and in Red, Becky loves photography/model. Both of them have something to do with the same business. They start out with a poor background. Both Maya and Becky had to deal with a lot of problems to be the top. The art in both manga are old.

Manga rec'd by Kosourbites 9 hours ago report
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Both are works from the same author. Bakudan focuses solely on boxing featuring a Raoh inspired character. Sakigake!! Otokojuku begins as a comedy series but converts into a tournament battle manga which features various characters inspired by Fist of The North Star.

Manga rec'd by THEAnimeHERO Yesterday, 8:03 AM report

Both series are written by the same author and contain the similar story themes of exploring manhood with unique martial arts. Family of Brahman is required to be read first as the series is referenced in the story line of Akatsuki!! Otokojuku; chapters 88 onward.

Manga rec'd by THEAnimeHERO Yesterday, 7:55 AM report
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Both of the male character has a darkness he has in the past and he doesn't want to pull the female lead down with him. He loves the female character, quite possessive of the female lead. There is an age difference both manga. Both of the art in here is also beautiful.

Manga rec'd by Kosourbites Yesterday, 7:00 AM report
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