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Written by Valefor 3 hours ago
Do you believe in magic? I didn't too, until I saw 30 teenagers falling in love with a 10 year old dwarf. Magister Negi Magi, aka Negima, would easily be like one of those old fairy tales from the Grimms Brothers' collection, except that it'd go “Once upon a time, fuck read more
Written by pennyiscute 7 hours ago
I first stumbled upon the manga, closely followed by the anime, back in 2011 and I must have re-read it over 20 times by now. Maiden Rose has been a rollercoaster ride and the plot structure confused the hell out of me, at first. The flashbacks slowly filled in the story read more
Written by gadnihasj 9 hours ago
After having read a few hundred or more yaoi mangas, I have gotten quite tired of stereotypes, which is why I'm so strict with certain elements of the manga. The story starts out really well, a policeman with a normal build and almost too cute face meets old childhood friend who's read more
Written by Kyuruyin 11 hours ago
I've always loved Mizutani Fuuka's works ever since i read Lonely Sheep , Lonely Wolf. The stories just gives you this warm feeling inside when it comes to the love between same gender or age difference. All of Mizutani's works kinda gives the message that gender and age doesn't matter read more
Written by Midnightlust Yesterday, 7:03 AM
STORY - How many times have you seen this? Teacher & A Student. ART - Beautiful work, what the manga lacks in character and storyline, it certainly makes up for in art. CHARACTER - Ugh..The teacher is very realistic in the sense of he acts very mature and adult like. The read more

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Both protagonist became a monster against their wills, now both with powers that resembles those of the monsters has to learn to control them and fight with them.
In dawn, the protagonist was infected however was treated and able to keep his human side and fended off the same kind who lost it from attacking humans.
While in tokyo ghoul the protagonist had parts of the monster transplanted into him to keep him alive, with the transplant he also gain the monster quality and powers.
Unlike dawn, Tokyo monsters has human quality such as feelings and sense.

Manga rec'd by Duckii 1 hour ago report
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Both girls' go to a school and find it's a all-boys school.
Girls' get attacked but one guy saves them and takes on the role of becoming their bodyguard (actually assigned to be one in SG).

Manga rec'd by alinaokumura 2 hours ago report
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Both of these manga involved the main protagonist who were once normal people without any super-natural power. That however changed and now they're introduce to a brand new environment and must adapt quickly. Both had some sort of guidance to help them into the world and to teach them how to fight in this new world which are divided by 2 beings. In the breaker the 2 different beings do not collide because 1 side stops themselves from doing so, however in tokyo ghoul they're fighting eachother at the sametime fighting their own kind. Both protagonist were weak at first, however as the story progress they power-up and when angered a burst of strength will ignite to defeat the opponent. Tokyo ghoul howerver is darker than the breaker as well shows much more gore. If you enjoy one, you'll likely to enjoy the other.

Manga rec'd by Duckii 3 hours ago report
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Simple slice of stories with a small cast of characters. Barakamon and Shirogane no Nina portrays this style with a realistic way. The story involves everyday life activities ranging from locations at home, school, or out in the city. There is a decent amount of comedy in the form of dialogues and character interactions. They are simple, to the point, and accurately depicts slice of life at their finest.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 8 hours ago report
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The overall feeling of Oyasumi Punpun happens to be a lot more depressing and the issues with character's lives and personal issues are a lot more in your face. That said, it is a very dark and upsetting manga. Far more mature than Sunny. Oyasumi Punpun is a very character development heavy series. It is very heavy on the heart in some parts, very easy to relate to and, overall, an amazing manga.

In Sunny the character's lives and personal issues happen to be a bit harder to pick up. The manga, on the surface, is quite lighthearted.

Both stories are Slice of Life and revolve, mostly, around the lives of children and those close to the children. Both have interesting art and both are masterpieces.

Read Oyasumi Punpun.

Manga rec'd by evo_darkness Yesterday, 11:35 AM report
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