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Written by momoja Today, 5:45 AM
When the expectation doesn’t meet, it has a lot of burden. The boy named sugu has a passion in swimsuits, he like swimsuits but he always hide his passion to his father. His father, the vice principal of his school has a lot of expectations in him like competing read more
Written by MOOMONSTER Yesterday, 9:00 PM
I started off reading this manga because I heard it was a fun, happy-go-lucky kind of story. It was! I laughed out loud a lot and the message was upbeat and positive. But it was more than just a good time. I finished the series feeling not just satisfied and read more
Written by julfjr Yesterday, 7:36 PM
If you have watched the anime adaptation and are yearning for more of Holo's simple yet intricate and extremely charming character then i recommend reading this novel. Although there are slight discrepancies throughout the novel and anime, not too much stands out. The novel exhibits the themes of the loneliness read more
Written by IruUmino Yesterday, 6:19 PM
A boy who is fed up with people and has enough. A girl full of regret, pushing away her desires. Those two meet and teach each other an important lesson. A short story with a dose of fantasy and not obvious ending. It made me shed some tears on the last read more
Written by jdbsparksfly Yesterday, 3:36 PM
this is my first review ever. i've never written anything on anything before EVER (well maybe on a book or two) but never on a manga or an anime which means that something about this manga brought the need to write something and OMG was there a reason. i reaaally wanted read more

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Both manga's tell a story of youki and humans trying to coexist peacefully but sometimes they come in contact which leads to conflicts. Both main characters turn from human to a very strong youki form whenever they go into battle. The two manga share Action, Demons, Horror, Shounen, and Supernatural genre components.

Manga rec'd by Mastodynia 14 minutes ago report

Both Male protagonists love and want to protect their sisters and will go to any lengths to do so. Both female characters want more than a brother sister relationship with the male protagonist. Both male characters are very strong and intelligent, they work best under pressure from the enemy. Both manga's share Action, magic, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, and Supernatural genre elements.

Manga rec'd by Mastodynia 2 hours ago report

Harukana na machi e is like the seinen seinen version of Ore ga Doutei, it's more mature, more... grown up, more slow, nostalgic and realistic, and you can tell in every aspect of the story that the mangaka of Harukana is a person who is older and more in peace with himself. That isn't necessary a good thing but for everyone, but be sure to give Harukana a try if you enjoyed Ore ga Doutei.

Manga rec'd by txrxgxu 4 hours ago report
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Although they follow different premises, Oyasumi Punpun and 20th Century Boys adapts compelling stories with an coming of age feeling. The psychological aspect of both series is well defined by the way the stories is composed with its characters. Amongst other factors, both series' characters have great characterization with elements of mystery and suspense.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 Yesterday, 11:58 PM report
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Both are about a loner kid who wants to become a hero and only in circumstances given to him is he able to wield the power of a hero. Both mangas feature a world full of super powered people, only in Ratman, the main character is "kinda, not really" a villain.

Manga rec'd by Nirvashv7 Yesterday, 10:51 PM report
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