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Written by Felix_Andersen 41 minutes ago
Writing review again, i will try to not spoiler the story throughout my review. Sorry if my grammar is wrong, because it is not my main language. Do you ever feel betrayed by your BEST friend ?? someone you thought will always support you no matter what happened, someone who will always read more
Written by LuciasFalkner 2 hours ago
So... My first impression of Koe no Katachi was overall my generic reaction to the synopsis of a Slice of Life. It could go anywhere, be anything, turn out great or be something I wish I'd never read. Needless to say, what I got was not what I expected. This read more
Written by regnum-dei 3 hours ago
It's easy to forget that other people have lives too. Whenever I ride the bus to class, I see dozens of people boarding and disembarking and yet I'm so caught up in my own life to the point where their faces just fade into the background. Of course, that never read more
Written by Domingos-Senpai 6 hours ago
Synopsis Z-City, Japan, Out of nowhere, without any warning, a terrible monster attacks the city and cause incredible destruction, many are killed and end up getting lost in the midst of so much destruction, so when all seems lost, a hero appears and defeat the villain with a single punch. Who is read more
Written by ashketch95 7 hours ago
Story: A girl named Haruna has just got into high school and she is known for being the star baseball player on the girls' team. She has a goal for the next three years, and that is to find the perfect boyfriend and fall in love. Gee, how original? Problem? read more

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Both stories have to do with a scent fetish

Manga rec'd by KanekiKun 2 hours ago report
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These two series both deal with disability and the emotional trauma and guilt behind having to rely on others. Koe no Katachi revolves around a deaf girl and the subjects of bullying and redemption. The Friendly Winter is about development disorders both physical (growth hormone deficiency) and mental (intellectual disability) and the fear associated with abandonment. Both series will take you on a 'feels trip' as you'll no doubt empathize with the characters and get angry and sad on their behalf, and in so doing forcing you to put your own problems in perspective. The friendly winter is a Korean Webtoon and has largely slipped under the radar of western readers whilst Koe no Katachi is a manga (and has an associated one shot of the same name). Both series are perfect for those who like a story with a mix of drama as well as some really uplifting moments.

Manga rec'd by MiloMinderbinder 3 hours ago report
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Both are historical mangas with fantasy elements, amazing characters and gorgeous art style. Even with different historical sets and eras, the main characters will get a sword to protect the ones they love and their country with (Yona) or against (Donten) magical creatures after have lost someone important.

Manga rec'd by ren6 Yesterday, 6:48 AM report
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Both are about boxing ashita no joe is a lot darker and has a darker tone compared to ippo which has a happy tone

Manga rec'd by Dexthepleb Yesterday, 12:44 AM report
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Both series has a more mature setting involving criminals and complicated suspense. Although their premise aren't alike, there's a familiar mood with how both series operates especially when detective work are involved. The main male protagonist in both series also meets a variety of characters that they bond with while adapting with events in the story.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 03-29-15, 11:57 PM report
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