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Written by truisms 5 hours ago
Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa is an offbeat seinen comedy about a 44 year old construction worker with no family, no friends, no girlfriend, and basically no prospects. It touches on a lot of themes that will be familiar to many people, and brings a maturity and thematic depth to a classic read more
Written by jjennii 8 hours ago
A really sweet short story. The story tells about subjects like homophobia and bullying very well, with lovely art and likable characters. Definitely recommend!
Written by Alhaser 10 hours ago
This is one of the few manga's that I have read and is irreplaceable! AAA is so cute and enjoyable that even after reading other romance manga's AAA will always still be fresh in your mind. I really loved this manga, the plot and the characters were both really interesting, read more
Written by Alhaser 10 hours ago
When I first read what it was about, I knew it would just be a typical story, that has been done many times before. However, I was wrong. The story may seem similar but the reader's view on the characters are different. The story is good, not great, but not read more
Written by bloodgods 12 hours ago
[Light spoilers] As someone who likes this genre, I can say with confidence that Doubt was, by far, one of the most disappointing, pathetically thrown together anime OR manga I've picked up so far. Reading this manga, I was completely appalled with how much of a train wreck this was. At read more

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1. They almost have the same genres .
2.Both MCS are Tsunderes
3.Both male MCS have to team up with a tsundere.
4.They both have powerful MCS
5.They are both based on light novels.

Manga rec'd by yelshashows22 2 hours ago report
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1.MC is a Tsundere
2.MCs both have pink hair
3.MCs are both very strong and team up with a male
4.both have the sames genres
5.both are based on a Light Novel

Manga rec'd by yelshashows22 3 hours ago report
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Both stories revolve around a character who goes to an alternate, fantasy world and becomes someone of incomparable strength. In Re: Monster, the main character retains memories of his past, and thus, he is smarter than the rest of the goblins, while still having his special ability to envelope the strengths and abilities of the food/items/people he consumes. On the other hand, in World Customize Creator, the main character is given the special ability of customizing things to his pleasing. Ultimately, both characters greatly impact and change the world around them.

Manga rec'd by kittyxx 3 hours ago report
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Both involve crossdressing MCs and maid uniforms. Also, the cute art styles remind me of one another.

Manga rec'd by oktavia-12 7 hours ago report
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Teens are trapped in a death game where real life death is a consequence

Manga rec'd by Havoctheend 12 hours ago report
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