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Written by kkaa031 7 hours ago
First of all, let me say that however much I will insult this manga, I did enjoy it to the fullest. This manga by UESU Tetsuto and MIYAKO Kashiwa is about a first year highschool student, Toujo Basara, getting two new stepsisters after his father remarries. Before he knows read more
Written by Caimthehero Yesterday, 8:16 PM
What can I say about this story that hasn't been said already. For starters it's not perfect but it comes close for a shonen fighting series. Ares is in one word Epic. I don't favor that word because of the modern over-usage of it but that is the single best read more
Written by Caimthehero Yesterday, 8:00 PM
Okay while the art isn't terrible everything else about this story is. The story is boring with the only real tension coming from the hidden identity. Everything else is really slice of life but with no possible twists this story becomes very bland. The love aspect makes me want to read more
Written by N201_ASYLUM Yesterday, 7:34 PM
Ah, Nishida-sensei, the often overlooked mangaka in the yaoi world. And what a shame, really. When you think of the best writers in realistic boys' love, the names that immediately pop up are Yoneda Kou, Kyuugou and Miyamoto Kano, among others. But if you're a fan of the more realistic read more
Written by Lehcara Yesterday, 5:41 PM
Don't bother with the half finished anime- start your love for the Jellyfish Princess where it all began. This manga is fantastic, and is one of the few I salivate a little when I see an update. This is soon to be a classic in the Josei genre and is read more

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A day that changes a character's life forever. That's what it awaits for the MC of both series as they get associated with an elegant yet mysterious girl. Both series focuses on the development of their relationship while also builds on other strange phenomenons. Expect a degree of drama, mystery, and also tragedy as their perspective unfold to tell a bigger picture. Recommended for fans of school and mystery.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 11 hours ago report
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Both of these deal with the darkly themed games, with psychological viewpoints. They aim to expose the bad of the human nature.

Real account has more illegal, deathly punishments while Liar game is more of an illegal shark-loan. So, in other words- Real Account: gore. Liar Game: distress (a lot)

Real Acc. has more modern themes implemented into the story, though, obviously, since it was made later than Liar Game.

Manga rec'd by YukinaxYupina Yesterday, 5:50 PM report
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Both the male lead treat the girl like a dog.

Manga rec'd by chitra89 Yesterday, 4:36 PM report
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actually, i'm talking about the whole Baki series btw. Well both are never ending fighting manga. Even though their long serialization, they are very enjoyable to read till the latest chapter.

Manga rec'd by shinomonogatari Yesterday, 2:36 PM report
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it has the same dark atmosphere and the main character are trying to find the answer of the mystery.

Manga rec'd by shinomonogatari Yesterday, 2:30 PM report
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