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Written by Hidder Today, 7:00 AM
First, i'm not a english speaker, so forgive me for any grammar mistakes. i'll try to make this review without spoilers. This is a Light novel from the same guy that wrote Oreimo novel !! So, if you ever read oreimo, this is very similar. The story is about a boy (Izumi, Masamune) read more
Written by Jintanaru92 Yesterday, 11:27 PM
If you take damsels in distress, Deus ex Machina plot writing, bad guys doing bad guy things for the sake of being bad, and overpowered protagonists, and wrap that up in some blatant fan-service to top it all off, what do you get? Traditional mainstream shounen material. If you enjoy read more
Written by CosmicKobal Yesterday, 9:22 PM
Quite frankly, This is the best Manga I have ever read... I wouldn't feel right giving this less than 10's across the board. I'm not sure what else needs to be said. It's the first one to make me truly care about the characters and what happened to them. I'm actually read more
Written by musicGUYGUY Yesterday, 7:25 PM
This series starts out weird and suggests all sorts of strange perversions. The premise is indeed kind of strange: Komori Isao wakes up one day to find himself in somebody else's room, but it turns out he's actually somehow in the body of Yoshizaki Mari a girl he has been hopelessly read more
Written by Jaylin Yesterday, 3:52 PM
I read the licensed English version of the book and while they don't play a part in my review, it is important to note that this version has several typos, grammatical errors, missing words. The translation also seems to get a little repetitive when choosing descriptions, so I'm not sure read more

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Envolves a story about a really nice guy that for some reason starts taking care of some semi-humans.The main fact that differs these two stories is that in orenchi no Furo Jijou the non-humans are guys in contrast with monster musume no iru nichijou where they are girls and it also has an "echiier" aspect.

Manga rec'd by chew7 6 hours ago report
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Both are Manhwa. Both are well-drawn. Both have historical clothing. Both protagonists are forced to marry girls who have something wrong with their faces.

Manga rec'd by merifromhere 11 hours ago report
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Because it's a shoujo about sweets and going to a pastry school. Both manga's have school princes who fall in love with the main character.

Manga rec'd by Risa_no_hime Today, 3:18 AM report
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In both manga, the protagonist is at first at shock and sometimes a crybaby, and in both manga there is a girl who at first looks cute and innocent and helps the protagonist when he needs help.
Although in mirai nikki yuno loves yuki, while in deadman wonderland shiro wants to be friends with ganta and play, both of the girls are pretty attached to the protagonist.
In both manga, when the girl shows her real face/personality, the protagonist has to fight with her and, in the end of both manga, when you think that the girl is dead and gone, she's not and you're happy about it ^_^

Manga rec'd by evagrev13 Today, 3:01 AM report
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If you are one of those people who love a love-triangle type of romance story, then these two are perfect for you. Both main characters in these manga are stock with two guys (the one guy she truly loves but she can’t be with him and the other guy who is always there for her and patiently waiting that in soon time, will also be loved by her like the first).

Both manga also have the student-teacher relationship though it is not the focus in Ao Haru Ride unlike in Hirunaka no Ryuusei.

But one thing is for sure, both of these are enjoyable to read and you will find yourself wondering as to whom the girl will end up to. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Manga rec'd by renai-marie Today, 12:48 AM report
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