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Written by fiahux 2 hours ago
Though the art is absolutely adorable and the idea is interesting enough, I was disappointed with this manga. Believe me, I'm all for romance, but I personally found the conclusion to be quite rushed and dissatisfying, especially after such an intriguing build-up. Furthermore, what's with the representation of women in read more
Written by Captain_Tetra 3 hours ago
Story: 8 Nui!'s story may appear childish or overly light-hearted, but I believe that that is the appeal of it. The story revolves around a high school girl named Kaya and her incredible love for her stuffed animals. A love so incredible that it brings her stuffed animals to life. Nui!'s read more
Written by tsukimiyuki 3 hours ago
Beelzebub climbed its way to second place in my favourite shounens list. I do not want to write anything too explicit because reading the manga felt more like an experience than anything else. Characters: very entertaining. There was no one you could hate, even the villains were interesting and lovable. read more
Written by Subpyro 3 hours ago
Being deaf is a great misfortune. However, in just that lies the art of direct expression. Only when a person is losing an important factor that allows him or her to function, as well as communicate with others normally, his or her true strength is tested. Not being able to read more
Written by Dreamboum 4 hours ago
Baby Jesus. I didn't know where I was going into when I started Kangoku Gakuen, I was just hormone-driven by the few pictures I saw scattered through the web and I took my courage to finally go into a reverse google images search to find the source of all this lewdness read more

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-The heroines hide who they truly are and cannot tell the ones they love.
-The heroines go through hardships because of who they truly are.
-They find friends despite their identity.

Manga rec'd by Shuc49 6 hours ago report
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Both manga have humans that cannot die. They are wanted in Society and if you happen to find one, you can get a reward.

Manga rec'd by Kosourbites 9 hours ago report

The main characters from both series aren't popular and neither do they have a lot of real friends. What they do have though is a love for the virtual world, in particular games and the Internet. Their experience with real life people of the opposite sex often lands them into compromising positions. There a connection between their real life and fictional experiences. And with those connections brings out comedy, drama, and moments that will get people talking.

Manga rec'd by Stark700 Yesterday, 11:58 PM report
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+ Has a perverted girl who enjoys and craves having sex with the MC, and an MC who is perfectly fine with that most of the time
+ A bit of a romance element despite it being a hentai
+ Another girl who competes with the female lead over the MC
+ Some drama and comedy along with the sex
+ Start with the MC finding the lead female with a vibrator in public

- Fujino in Hatsu Inu doesn't talk hardly at all, but the girl in Take on Me does (especially during sex)

Manga rec'd by Koibito-H Yesterday, 8:15 PM report
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Comedy - Slice of life : It is funny, lovely and there is a little girl.

Manga rec'd by Kagumi Yesterday, 5:26 PM report
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