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Written by thefreeloader 1 hour ago
Sekirei is a hardcore ecchi(something like Highschool DXD) show so I can surely say that anyone will avoid this show but I'm tellin' you this, this show given its very hardcore "ecchiness" has a plot of which I can say is "decent" enough for me to add it in my read more
Written by DarthNobilus 1 hour ago
Intro: I must confess, I was quite disappointed with this anime adaptation. I first heard of it when I was playing the game (which, by contrast, is amazing) and a friend happened to look over my shoulder and said that he recognized it. I asked if he played, read more
Written by lawlmartz 2 hours ago
Preface: As a seasoned Gurren Lagann veteran, I'm returning six months later to watch some of these extras to enjoy just a little more of that signature Gurren Lagann fun. As this entry is the second OVA (the full length Director's Cut version of episode 6), the other being the read more
Written by -Vienna 3 hours ago
It's just a 10/10 no discussion! The whole story is a refreshing side of Gintama~ To tell the story without spoiling, I guess it's so good that it makes you want to cry if you love Gintama! So many scenes on it just make you want to bawl!
Written by Iro 3 hours ago
After watching the series. The most god awful thing about this series in my opinion is how they keep harping on about how "brilliant" those two opposing commanders were and the fans even commenting on how the battles were "realistic". Despite the tactics and maneuvers they were doing were beyond read more

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