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Written by stevensydan 23 minutes ago
Story: American setting. Every character is unique. Their is no protagonist. Story is given out of chronology and starts off confusing but clears up the farther you get. Characters are defintely likeable. Quality: Decent animations. Fantastic jazz soundtracks. Content: Blood and gore are shown. Good amount of action. Mafia and read more
Written by YEROCKY 31 minutes ago
When it comes to being considered one of the better rated action, magic, school, ecchi harem anime the Winter 2015 season, Absolute Duo was an Absolute fluke. Don't worry, I'm not here to bash. If anything, that statement says just how mediocre and poorly-received all the harem anime were last read more
Written by yandere2897 38 minutes ago
(This is my first review so please only constructive criticism) This was an anime that I didn't expect to hit me so hard, but it was amazing. Its basic theme is that of the perseverance of the human race and what can be accomplished when you give it your all. read more
Written by Shadowhelm 44 minutes ago
Character progression, art style, story. This series takes these values to heights that make film critics shimmer with satisfaction and guarantees it a solid rating. I, however, am no film critic. I'm a simple guy donning simple tastes and battling with depression. Personally, I wish I never watched this. To my read more
Written by Okamiden5 48 minutes ago
This rating is actually not really what I would've given it. This is a reason to always be skeptical. Mahou shoujo Madoka magica isn't the typical mahou shoujo anime. Yeah I already knew that shit was supposed to take off after the third episode and I was still pleasantly surprised. Story - read more

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