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Written by vigorousjammer 48 minutes ago
This short, created in 1998 by Koji Morimoto has a lot of spirit put into it. However, I feel it also comes up short in many ways, and probably ends up being the director's weakest work. Let me explain why. First, the story is nonsensical. Things happen for seemingly no reason read more
Written by Anthony_DiGrande 2 hours ago
Danganronpa is one of those animes that will keep the viewer guessing.I really like the story and the conflict in this anime. The characters all have unique characteristics emphasized in this anime. The enjoyment I got from this anime was beyond my expectation. There were only little nit-picks that I read more
Written by TRURTLE 2 hours ago
Porphy no Nagai Tabi is really not an anime to watch if your looking for something intense, fast paced or addicting (it's a slice of life ^^"). The anime is light and soft despite it being about two wandering orphans without a home because it's being shown through a child's read more
Written by varmala 3 hours ago
Katanagatari is an animated combination of a 1990’s shounen with a 2000’s style and budget. It’s the best of an action-adventure series meshed together with a wordy script and social dialogue that elevate this series into something more than your archetypical shonen. While it is far from being a read more

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Anime rec'd by greentealatte 27 minutes ago report
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Both main characters are weak girls at first and are surrounded by guys that protect them.

Anime rec'd by kikimiko 1 hour ago report
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Anime rec'd by WhiteJoker 3 hours ago report
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