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Written by sreimund 30 minutes ago
An honest review of Akame ga Kill. Akame ga kill is an anime that has gotten the "better than average" hype that other anime has gotten before, I am not one to say that this is entirely undeserved but as with all anime we can only really judge whether it is read more
Written by Succulence 1 hour ago
I watched this anime countless times. I just can't stop watching it. The story, I thought it was pretty boring when I started watching it, but it was getting better and better. I just feel that the story is really realistic, it shows how people cope with trouble and get read more
Written by bloodymassacre 1 hour ago
First off I would like to say these are my views on the anime and I do not mean to offend anyone. I actually thought Akame ga kill would be a crappy romance harem anime with a pathetic story line. I was wrong >.
Written by Credulous 1 hour ago
In the end we even got a Big Bang. Is the Doctor Who of anime a good anime? Yes. I am not going to waste time writing a synopsis, summary or any other time wasting bullshit. I am simply going to tell you why this anime is fabulous. Space Dandy is a concoction read more

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